Vienna Comfort Apartments
Vienna Comfort Apartments
A-1080 Vienna, Alser Strasse 21
Tel.: +43(1) 406 59 90
Fax: +43(1) 407 96 20-11
Vienna Comfort Apartments
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Vienna Comfort Apartments

Are you coming to Vienna on business or for pleasure?
Are you determind to find the right accomodation but completly fed up with:

  • Staying in "apartments" designed with the Seven Dwarves in mind?
  • Cooking in galley kitchens which do not even deserve the name?
  • Cramming your luggage into "sorry - not enough space" cupboards?
  • Looking after yourself in bathrooms so small you are certain to bruise yourself black and blue?
  • Balancing your business papers on your knees because the desk is smaller than your laptop?
  • Making do with the conventional, old-fashiond furnishings and fittings?
  • Finding a desert reception desk whenever you have any requests during the night?
  • Paying extra for equipment and service which should obviously be included in the price?

So you want to live in a spacious, fully equipped apartment with modern furnishings and round -the-clock service, and you do not see why you should have to pay excessive prices?
We would like to present you the solution for these problems!

Vienna Comfort Apartments

We can offer you suites of two different sizes (see floor plan) with a loft-like character, situated just a few minutes`walk from the city centre and easily accesible via public transport.
We have applied our many years`experience with demands and expections of leisure and business guests to the planning and construction of these units, and we believe we can offer you an unrivalled solution, equipped and furnished for the requests of modern life - stylish, up-to-date, with all the latest features to make your life easier and more comfortable.
What others describe as extra service, we offer as standard (see overview of services).
Items for which you would otherwise have to pay a supplement are included in our basic equipment (see overview of furnishings and fittings).
Compare our pictures and prices with your experiences so far, visit us for an initial viewing and let us invite you to become one of our regular custumers.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any adresses or numbeers listed.

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